Our Story

Camille's Story

I knew that to find love, I’d need to find someone very unique- someone unlike anyone I’d ever met in my life. But I couldn’t see how I would just happen to bump into this person (and know it) in my day to day activities. I never embraced the idea of “fate” and preferred taking a logical, scientific approach to most things in life. eHarmony was the closest thing to a “scientific approach” to finding love that I could think of.

Well long story short, eHarmony matched me with Kevin and we quickly began to fall in love as we got to know each other. We messaged each other every day from day one. After our first date, we kept scheduling dates closer and closer together- until we were basically inseparable. After seventeen amazing months of dating, Kevin proposed to me on my birthday atop beautiful snowy mountains overlooking Lake Tahoe. It was magical.

Sometimes it still feels like I’m dreaming because it’s hard to imagine something so incredible, perfect, precious is my reality.

I can see now how every step in my life led me to that moment that I met Kevin. Our destiny was never in our control. It was something we were drawn toward as our lives played out. We were made for each other. Destined to be together.

I am in awe of Kevin. He is my soulmate and my perfect match. Each waking moment with him is better than anything I could have ever dreamt of. Every night before I fall asleep I thank God that he is mine. My life will never be the same. I am forever his.

Kevin's Story

Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit! … wait, scratch that – that’s not where my journey began.

I’ve never been the type to casually date around in hopes of finding some temporary companionship. I’ve always longed for a deeper, more meaningful connection with someone. Some might call that kind of thing “picky,” but I called it “knowing what I want!” As you might imagine, that’s a hard thing to find. I was going to have to take another approach if I was going find that someone who understands and loves me for me and was a perfect match on every level. After much deliberation and enough dead ends with traditional means of “getting out there” and dating, I finally decided to try something different.

eHarmony’s approach of matching based on personality and compatibility proved to be a god-send. When I read Camille’s profile, I could hardly believe it! She seemed to be the sweetest, most grounded, most compassionate person I had ever come across. And that smile! After several days of messaging back and forth, we met up over some tacos and margaritas (as is our style). Never before had I been on a more amazing first date! We clicked from the instant we met, and from that moment, I had a feeling that this could be something special.

I have found, in Camille, my perfect match, my soulmate, my partner in (legal) crime, my cheerleader, and adventure co-pilot. I could not ask for a sweeter, more loving fiancée! It seems that everything happens for a reason, and I now see that all the events of my life have led me to this point, to this incredible woman.

All in all, one thing I definitely won’t stop believing is that Camille and I are the absolute perfect match for each other. I am thankful every day that we found each other and I cannot wait to begin the next chapter of OUR story together.